cookie sandwich Pies

Custom cookies require 48 hours notice

Cake 6.png

6” Feeds  4-6


Gluten Free 6”-$18

Cake 8.png

8” Feeds  8-10


Gluten Free 8”-$29


Cake 10.png

10” Feeds 10-12


Gluten Free 10”-$38



Triple Chocolate

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Strawberry




Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Mint Chocolate

Chocolate Hazelnut


Custom Design


Need to have the most authentic Lord of the Rings themed cookie for your next nerdy event?  Want a cookie with the cast of Fargo painted on it?  How about a portrait of your cat?  No problem, our cookie decorator has got you covered!  Just give us a call or come chat with us in the shop about what you’re looking for!

Prices on custom cookies will be determined on a cookie by cookie basis.